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ghan house green energy strategy

At Ghan House, we take clean energy very seriously. In recent years we’ve been taking initiatives to make clean energy choices.  Below is a list of the Initiatives taken & being taken to make Ghan House more energy efficient, save money & therefore, reducing our carbon footprint! This is only the start of our clean energy journey…

Energy Initiatives


  • Pipes on our roof direct all of our rainwater under the car park & automatically feeds our pond (1998)
  • Gents toilet is fitted with movement sensors for urinals and tap (1999).
  • We all like a good powerful shower in the morning, so we maintained the water power pump for all our showers maintaining the power, however 40% less water could be used by specially designed showerhead that mixes water with air – I say could be used – but we don’t because the shower experience for you and me is nowhere near as good – so we make our gains elsewhere! (2019)
  • Ladies toilet in the bar is fitted with movement sensor for tap, flush and soap dispenser – cutting down water use and better from hygiene aspect. (2001)
  • Gents toilet fitted with automatic water wash feed that only flushes urinal before & after use or every 6 hrs as well as infra-red operated water tap negating the possibility of the tap being left on & is therefore only turned on when hands are actually put under the tap. (2001)
  • Gas

  • Is from 100% renewable sources – BioLPG  is made from a mix of wastes & residues and sustainably sourced vegetable oils. We pay extra for renewable rather than conventional gas.
  • Dryer for laundry – gas dryer – fitted 2002 – a clear sign indicating precise drying time for various types of load – correct drying time eliminates approx 10 – 20% of gas use.
  • Electricity

  • All the electricity is from 100% renewable sources and has been since 2015.
  • The 8 garden bedrooms are kept at a constant 21 degrees Celsius & constant hot water by an Air Source heat pump. The idea is that instead of the old gas boiler periodically blasting the radiators & water tank with loads heat, off & on, a gentle heat is maintained at 21 degree 24hrs a day. Hence the radiators with never be hot, a gentle warmth will be maintained and regulated by how warm the outside temperature is. (Jan 18th 2018). If you want to see more about the system, talk to me – Paul.
  • Outside the garden bedrooms you will see 2 car electric charge points – which all we ask our guests who use them to make a donation, into the charity box by the jams in the entrance hall. (2015)
  • All batteries for TV & mini hi-fi’s are rechargeable. (2001)
  • 3 public toilets & all downstairs garden bedroom bathrooms fitted with a motion detector fan that will automatically turn off if no movement for 3 minutes, as well as ground floor garden bedrooms. (2015 & 2018)
  • As well as all the usual – warm lighting LCD bulbs replacing old, computer off at night, unnecessary lighting/equipment turn off etc.
  • Low energy spotlights for the overflow car park – 2 bulbs at €100W instead of 6 at 400W each.
  • Cold room fitted with external heat source cooling fan. (2019)
  • Waste

  • Your toiletries in your bedroom – rather than thousands of silly small plastic bottles, with never enough actual soap/shampoo in and with writing too small, we use large 300ml containers (of which all bottles are 100% recycled) that we refill with superb soaps, shampoo, body/hand lotion & conditioners – which is not tested on animals, they have no SLSs, parabens or petrochemicals and the card packaging used if you wish to buy – is from sustainable sources and printed with vegetable-derived ink. They come from the Handmade Soap Company in nearby Slane – giving us less waste and giving you enough gorgeous product to keep clean!
  • Likewise for breakfast, instead of small little pots of jams & marmalades, you have approx 6 different large jam jars of various jams & marmalades made by proprietor Joyce Carroll.
    Both the soaps and jams are available for sale if you like them as much as we do!
  • On arrival after a long journey, we appreciate you may have built up some debris in the car – which is why by the door to the garden bedrooms, we have provided you with 4 waste bins segregated into glass, plastic, paper & cans!
  • We compost vegetable/fruit peelings – compost used on vegetable garden.
  • Periodically (depending on decomposition) 100% of breakfast waste into green cone & decompose naturally – we have 3 green cones all called different days of the week. (2010)
  • Waste breads and other uncooked waste given to local pig farmer.
  • Fan for extraction only in use when cooking. Hot lights for service only to be on when food is actually served. If left on just 5 times only for 30 seconds extra this would amount to a saving of €925 per year minimum.
  • Old newspapers & paper napkins used to make fires.
    All cardboard, paper and plastic bottles into green bin for recycling.
    All glass bottles & kitchen oil are collected for recycling.
  • Deliveries into kitchen – most boxes and crates taken back by supplier for re-use at time of delivery.
  • All computer inks to charity recycle.
  • Stamps on envelopes saved for charity.
  • Customer bills, if not kept, sliced in ½ and postcard for sale to guests & money encouraged to go into the charity box.
  • 2 sides of all A4 printed paper used.
  • Other initiatives

  • Fridges & cold room cooling panels hoovered for dust once every 2 weeks.
  • Our main house oil boiler has had its burner adjusted & configured to burn diesel instead of Kerosene. (2005)
  • Gas meter for the kitchen, gas meter for the laundry, electric meter for the Air Source Heat pump, the overall electric meter, the meter on the oil boiler are all read every week & any discrepancies addressed. (2005)
  • The water meter is read remotely & any water leaks can be detected within 24hrs. (2010)
clean energy ghan house, carlingford at night

Low, warm, energy efficient lighting at Ghan House.

Future Plans

  • Air source heating for main house
  • Solar electricity generation
  • Windmill for electricity generation.

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